Jan 29, 2010

How many calories should I eat? to maintain a healthy body. Tips:

How many calories should I eat? to maintain a healthy body.
Eat healthier without missing those extra calories here some tips:

-Start by making a few small changes and resolve to keep making small changes until your efforts have snowballed into a new way of eating. Keep a food diary for a week or two, then look at it carefully for things that you can change and check always the calories. You could decide to choose the five highest fat things you ate in the past week and look for healthier substitutes for each of them.

-There are just so many different things with so few calories and high nutrition. But to get the most benefits, you should go for as many different colors as you can find.

-Veggies fill you up with few calories and are packed with the vitamins and minerals. If fresh veggies just aren’t in your time schedule, go for frozen then canned.

-One relatively painless strategy is to change to healthier cooking oils and spreads. Olive and canola oil work well as basic cooking oils.

-Read the labels on margarine and spreads carefully and choose one with no trans fats.

-Try to eat at home more often, where you have more control over what you eat and how foods are prepared. Learning to cook is a valuable life skill and the time spent cooking and eating as a family can create happy memories related to healthy eating.

-Drink at least eight, 8-ounce glasses of water a day.
-Build your own healthy environment and set some ground rules. If there are foods hard to resist, don’t bring them into the house.

-Do exercises three times a week. If just starting out, do 20 minutes of cardio and build from there, working up to at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise no less than three times a week. For best results, exercising first thing in the morning on an empty stomach because you’re burning stored fat.

-Find a balance with good nutrition and exercise

In a world brimming with unlimited food choices we have to take responsibility for our diet. Consistently making sound choices can help keep us healthy. There’s no shortage of delicious and healthy foods to fuel our busy lives. It’s up to us to take control of what we eat.

How many calories should I eat?
Maybe you are eating a lot of foods but no getting the nutrients that you need for a healthy diet and maybe you are not making enough physical activities for burn the extra calories.
You need know how many calories you should eat every day to help increase your chances of a longer life.
You need to balance the calories that you take in each day with the calories that you expend each day.


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