Sep 30, 2011

US First Lady Michelle Obama Unveils Initiative to Battle Childhood Obesity

One in three American children is overweight. It's a statistic quoted by U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama as she announced a new initiative called "Let's Move". The nationwide campaign aims to combat childhood obesity by teaching children about exercising and better nutrition. VOA's Carolyn Presutti reports.
How many calories should I eat? Obesity and being overweight have both become a problem in most developed nations, and particularly in America. One of the main causes of obesity is the excessive consumption of calories by children, adults and teens. Fast foods in particular are super-rich in fats and calories that cause people to become overweight or obese, and these foods are being eaten more and more as a regular part of many people’s diets. What should you eat to lose weight? Many people think to themselves “I need to lose weight” but then struggle with the details. The most important thing is finding out the number of calories per day that maintains your current weight, and then reducing that to a lower number of calories to lose weight. If you want to lose weight how many calories per day you eat will be the main factor (i.e. how much calories in food consumption), followed by knowing how to calculate how many calories you burn. Interestingly, the answer to “What should I eat to lose weight”, “What should I eat to gain weight?”, and “What should I eat to gain muscle?” should all have the same answer: Healthy and nutritious food. The only difference for someone who wants to lose weight: calories per day will be lower. How to maintain weight loss is just the same as how to eat to lose weight or “What do I eat to lose weight” or How many calories should I eat a day